Don Johnson

Named New President of Lunovus LLC

Lunovus New President

Don Johnson

Leading ophthalmic innovator taps experienced business leader and health care product development expert Don Johnson to lead the company

Birmingham, AL – January 15, 2019 – Lunovus LLC, a leading innovator in the ophthalmic nutrition industry, has named experienced business leader Don Johnson as the company’s new President. The move comes on the heels of the September 2018 announcement that the company planned to refocus under the direction of new ownership.

Founded in 2004 with a mission to develop a product to treat macular degeneration, Lunovus has since become a leader in ophthalmic nutrition, with products designed to address macular degeneration and other common eye problems, such as persistent dry eye.

Lunovus also recently launched the Doc2Home Delivery System, a proprietary technology developed to support both doctors and their patients. Enrolling in Doc2Home is a convenient way for patients to receive the Lunovus products they need on a recurring basis at a lower cost per shipment. Johnson has been instrumental in the conception of this delivery system. Says Mr. Johnson, “my diverse experiences in different areas of healthcare have given me the unique ability to recognize the balance between provider, vendors, and customers in the healthcare space.”

Lunovus, and especially the Doc2Home Delivery System, represent a continuation of a trend in Mr. Johnson’s career: he is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to address common challenges in the healthcare arena.

Before joining Lunovus in 2015, Johnson spent time as financial executive at the Santa Barbara Visiting Nurse Association, a homecare group where he worked to make it easier to store and access patient records remotely utilizing hand held devices to capture medical record data electronically in the patient’s home.

As CFO of Influence Health, a software services company serving over 250 hospitals in the US and Canada (formerly MedSeek), Mr. Johnson implemented a system that centralized information and made it easier to share data between departments within Influence Health. “Given his professional record of driving growth and innovation in the industry, Don is the natural choice to lead as President” remarked Dr. Marnix Heersink, board chairman at Lunovus.