Zinc Formula 30 DAY SUPPLY


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Zinc only design for those who cannot have Antioxidants for maintaining Macular Health. Supplied in easy to pull apart Veggie Caps.


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Some people can only take certain supplements due to their genetics and other factors. Lunovus’s Zinc Formula can help keep your eyes healthy if you determine that other supplement combinations are not right for you.

Always be sure to speak to doctor and find out what supplement program would be right for you.

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Weight.125 lbs

2 reviews for Zinc Formula 30 DAY SUPPLY

  1. ParkerL.

    Yep I am one of those people who can’t do many eye health formulas for various reasons. An option that works for me, finally!

  2. K.R.

    Zinc in capsules I can pull apart is great! Way easier to take and incorporate into my daily routine. I can’t have lots of other eye vitamins due all sorts of fun genetics and lifestyle stuff that cropped up on me, but I am taking all the steps I can for better eye health, including this.

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