Active Face Defense

1 Month Autoship – $19.95 Best Value
1 Month Supply – $26.95


Active Face Defense, a powerful facial cleansing wipe that makes the most of natural, time-tested ingredients, gives your face an active defense against dirt and other irritants that can lead to acne. You don’t need a whole skincare routine for your face when you have the powerful combination of oils: • Tea tree oil cleanses, purifies, and disinfects your skin while treating surface-level skin conditions and blemishes • Coconut oil provides soothing balance, antibacterial support, and nourishes your skin to keep it bright and healthy Acne can attack at any time — but with our active face defense keeping your skin cleaner for longer, you stand a better chance of maintaining clear skin, no matter what the day holds. Active Face Defense wipes are an on-the-go solution. Start your morning with a fresh face, wipe clean after a workout, even when you’re on a date — it’s convenient to carry around and soothe your skin anywhere.