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Our Mission

We improve lives by creating best-in-class, over-the-counter products and supplements for personal health and eye care. Lunovus is focused on advancing our industry by providing the most premium products to our customer through innovative delivery methods.
Lunovus History

Our History

Lunovus, formerly Macular Health, was founded in 2003 by Jeffery McAnnally, President and Dr. John O. Mason III, a retina specialist at the UAB Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital. Today Lunovus’ products are sold throughout the world and company is a leader in the ophthalmic nutrition and technology industry. Our focus is not only on maintaining healthy vision but also on creating innovative delivery methods for personal use to enable our customers to have better choices when selecting eye care products.
Our Focus on You
Listening to Patients
We start by listening to patients. Then we collaborate on new ideas to develop unique, novel products that help you achieve the best possible eye health you can.
Proprietary Blend
Blephadex’s proprietary blend of tea tree and coconut oil is one example. To help keep eyelids clean gently and effectively, it offers a solution not available anywhere else in the market.
Lunovus Eyelid Care
Another example is our innovative one-pill-only Premier Formula supplement, and our chewable, berry-flavored AREDS II for the 40% of Americans who cannot swallow pills.
We will continue to develop new and innovative solutions for health and eye care that fill the needs for our patients.
Our Commitments To Quality

Lunovus works to ensure that every product goes through the strictest quality control measures. We work with large teams of scientists, labs, and companies to ensure that our products are thoroughly tested and proven to you.


We use the lastest scientific research and manufacture our products in FDA inspected, GMP Compliant facilities in the United States to ensure every customer receives the best products possible. What it says on the label is what you get. Everything in our warehouse is checked and double-checked. To back up our claim we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Our 13 plus years in vision care lends to our credibility as to who we are and how we take care of each and every one of our customers. Our customers’ vision will always be our number one priority.

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