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Testimonial Portrait

Danielle K.

"A friend recommended these eyelid wipes to me after I mentioned that my eyes have been bothering me due to seasonal allergies and oil from my makeup getting into my eyes. I have found these wipes to be quite soothing on my eyes & pretty darn efficient at cleaning all the oil & makeup off them without stinging or feeling a sticky residue afterward. I was a little reluctant to purchase them at first, because I'm not a huge fan of the smell of tea tree oil, but I've been pleasantly surprised; they actually smell good! The pads are generously sized, and they have a nice weight to them too. I'm glad that I purchased them and will most likely continue to do so once these run out."

Testimonial Portrait

Michelle T.

"I suffer from dry eye. My optometrist asked me to try these and I'm so glad I did. It doesn't say anything in the information that these are helpful for dry eye, but they are amazing! I use 1/2 cloth when I get a flare-up, or when my eye feel like they have a filmy buildup. I was concerned that they would have a burning feeling because of the tea tree, but they are simply refreshing."

Testimonial Portrait

Jamie D.

These Eyelid Wipes were recommended by my optometrist for a condition called Blepharitis. She diagnosed this condition after I tried two years to treat this myself with baby shampoo and the hot wet cloth routine, with no avail. This is a chronic condition so using the wipes once a day is very important. When the condition is under control, the twice a week may be sufficient. Also if that diagnosis wasn't enough she said I had Demodex, which is a nice word for MITE BITES. She said seniors were susceptible to this than younger people. However about half the population will have this condition without having symptoms. I'm very happy with this product.

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