Zinc Free Whole Body Plus Meso

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New research suggests that when you’re exposed to many sources of blue light daily, basic eye health formula’s antioxidants aren’t enough. Another antioxidant naturally found in the eye, mesozeaxanthin, may be just as important, especially if you find yourself in front of screens for significant periods of time.
MaxiVision’s Zinc Free Whole Body Plus Meso Formula combines the proven power of lutein and zeaxanthin with the exciting new addition of mesozeaxanthin to ensure that your eyes get access to all three of the rare inner-eye carotenoids for ultimate macular protection!
• Combines all 3 inner-eye antioxidants — mesozeaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin — to help improve
macular pigment optical density (MPOD), helping to prevent long-term damage from blue light.
• Uses FloraGLO® lutein, the form used in the AREDS 2 study
• Created for those needing a zinc-free solution to further support macular health
We’re able to provide comprehensive pigment protection for your inner eye and even greater resistance to AMD, that’s why our Zinc Free Whole Body supplements contain all the effective quality ingredients in our standard Whole Body formula including lutein, zeaxanthin, mesozeaxanthin, and Vitamins C and E — minus the zinc!
Our Zinc-Free Whole Body VITAMINS Formula is made in an FDA inspected facility in the United States. We use vigorous testing and quality assurance to make sure that you’re getting pharmaceutical-grade supplements.
We keep up with the latest research and science to ensure you keep the best possible vision you can. Because slightly varying supplement formulations may be necessary depending on your genetics and lifestyle, be sure to see your doctor with any questions and concerns you may have.